“Mars at Home” is a unique 126 NFT digital images series inspired by the planet Mars as a mysterious source and knowledge since the dawn of our existence as humans.

Mars has been our partner in the universal neighborhood for billions of years. Only in the last very brief historical slice of our life on Earth, we began to name, count, enumerate it.

We have seen it as a vibrant red star in the sky in our origins, for which we hadn’t any word that named it.

We created many myths about it. He was the god of war as well as the son of Jupiter and Juno, husband of Bellona, lover of Venus, father of Deimos and Phobos and also of Romulus and Remus.

It stimulated chronicles, movies, music, and cosmogonies.

In the past, We have looked at it through very rudimentary devices and learned through its shapes, brightness and colors.

Mars had an inexplicable movement in the sky, its discovery became Science, and then; It allowed us to realize that our place in the universe was very different from what we thought as a generous gift.

We have imagined it as inhabited by martians who digged channels and were on war permanently.

Very recently we began to send our best possible machines to stay by its side and that is how we wrapped it with our gaze. And even more so, we touched its texture and heard its interior silence.

We already found out that there were no people like us; we still suspect that it was probably teeming with life in its remote past.

Perhaps once it had a vital bustle more similar to our planet, but for some reason we don’t know it vanished, it fell silent and only diffuse traces of its existence remain.

Mars (as the universe) has been shaped by our Myths, Religions, Legislations, Sciences, Arts and Technologies, it has coexisted with us since our beginning into the spaces dedicated to human civilization.

In this “Mars at Home” NFT image series, the planet is located into Congresses, Libraries, Scientific Labs, Cathedrals, Museums, Palaces, Temples, Spaceships, Theaters, Company buildings. Locations are the representation of the most sophisticated humans can do as a community, social organization and resources. Mars is sculpted into such a multiplicity of stories.